JFL Agency is always on the lookout for new and exciting talent, and currently represents the following up-and-coming writers:

Ryan James

Ryan is a script writer with a background in stand-up comedy and corporate events. He has recently received his second comedy commission from Channel 4, with the first in development (alongside writing partner Jonny Leigh Wright). Starting his comedy career in stand-up in Los Angeles, 2012, Ryan pursued his passion for comedy writing, receiving awards and screenings for his comedy shorts, and also reached the semi-finals of the Musical Comedy Awards with the original song “Size Matters”. Ryan is presently working as a producer on formats for UK TV channels.

Rachel Mentiply

Rachel is responsible for the blog TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF A DEAFBLIND BINT, written as a way of coming to terms with her then recent diagnosis of Usher Syndrome. She realised that her deafblindness offers a unique insight and outlook on the world around her, which she writes about with humour and honesty. She is currently working on comedy and comedy drama ideas, and is co-writing with Pete Sinclair.