Gary Russell

Gary was executive producer and head writer for the new 26-part children’s animated series PRISONER ZERO for ABC in Australia (and now showing on Netflix in the UK and North America). Before that he was script editor for Russell T Davies on DOCTOR WHO, TORCHWOOD and THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, he also produced and directed spin-off animated episodes for CBBC and computer games for BBC Interactive/Sumo Digital and Tiny Rebel. He has written more than 30 books, both fiction and non-fiction, for Harper Collins, Virgin, Penguin, Ebury and BBC Books, including the New York Times bestselling The Art of The Lord of the Rings Movies tetralogy. In 1997, he co-created Big Finish Productions and for eight years was the producer/director/script editor responsible for over 300 hours of audio drama, much of which has subsequently been broadcast on BBC Radio4 Extra – he continues to write scripts for them today. He has written comics for Marvel Comics, IDW, Panini and Titan. He has recently been commissioned to create the bible and scripts for a new teen adventure series.

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